I found this site from Creighton University that’s got a whole list of very thoughtfully prepared theme prayers for mothers. Some of them are for us to pray about mothers - and some are for mothers themselves to pray. I hope they might help tap into some really good God connections, especially at this time when we celebrate Mothers’ Day. Just click on a theme and the collection will open.

Below the list of themes I’ve shared a photo of my mother who died in 2015 - pictured with my father who died in 2014. It was taken of them both a couple of years earlier on my father’s birthday, sitting on my motorcycle. Mum told me that day that she hadn’t sat on the back of a motor bike since she she was 20 and going out with dad, who was a keen motorcyclist when young. He still looked very much at home on a bike many decades later don’t you think? I offered to take mum for a ride that day but she said she’d only sit on the back if the motor stayed off! Better than nothing I guess - and at least I've got this one photo of her on a bike! God bless our mums - those still here with us and those who’ve moved into a bigger picture of life. Here are the prayers - Click on a theme and the collection will open:

With friendship in God’s mission,


Originally featured in in May 2019