Not sure if the report was accurate that Prince Phillip supposedly said: 'When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife.’ Hmmm okay, a bit of a laugh - but illustrating a lot more about what the 'two as one’ ideal means is a married couple I know and caught up with recently.

They were married early this year and I had the privilege of being centimetres from them when they shared their vows before God and before a church full of people special to them.

I’ve admired and been encouraged in my own vocation by the journey of this couple's vocation - by their faith and relationship for several years. Sharing a meal with them recently I was so moved by the story of their marriage so far.

The conversation gave witness to the strength of their daily actions to serve the well being of the other … in order for each to give their best to serving the wider world. These two people are great examples of what it means to be ministers of 'their' sacrament of marriage. Here’s to the treasure of relationships that are ‘sacraments' - relationships that minister God’s presence to the other and enable God’s grace to be shared.

With friendship in God’s mission,


Originally featured in in September 2018 and adapted for IFM's blog in February 2020