I had two weeks of annual leave and had the chance to go to far north Queensland. This photo was from a chance sighting we had on the road south from Port Douglas to Cairns. It’s a place where people stop and place smooth ‘lucky’ stones that are all around into random creative stacks.

There were literally hundreds of stacks and it was fascinating to wonder how long certain ones had sat there and the different stories of many people who’d obviously stopped to join in such a moment.

After taking some good photos then driving away feeling a kind of bond through nature, I realised I hadn’t built a stack myself! What I took with me though was the experience of joyful openness and friendship a few tourists spontaneously had towards us, simply because we’d all stumbled across something in common.

In a simple way, those experiences of connection with others are echoes of Jesus’ high priority prayer in the Gospel of John, at the end of his life when he said: ‘Father, may they be one as you and I are one!’ Blessings to us all for the simple ways we can find to share openness and connection with others.

With friendship in God’s mission,


Originally featured in in August 2018