For my last birthday I was taken by a friend to the ‘Pop Up Globe Theatre' in Moore Park to see Shakespeare’s 'The Merchant of Venice’.

My friend’s wife insisted that I have her ticket from their season pass and that we have a boys’ night birthday.

The temporary theatre mirrored the dimensions of the famous Globe Theatre built in London in 1599. We didn’t have seats, which sounded pretty odd to me before going - instead we had the stand up spots in front of the stage, a bit like a mosh pit for live drama (without the crowd surfing) - hence the ponchos in the picture because it rained on us!

Again that possibility would have sounded odd to me before going! But it was so vibrant and earthy and fun!

I couldn’t stand Shakespeare when I was at school.

I never had the sense that it was high energy drama for a close up audience. To me it was dry words on paper being analysed for an exam!

Here’s to the life and new appreciation that can come from certain things that seem odd before the experience!

And here’s to God’s many unexpected possibilities of difference and newness for us as we live and share the journey of every day life.

With friendship in God’s mission,

fr Paul

Originally featured in in October 2018