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The week surrounding the feast day of St Mary MacKillop (8th August) is known in the Church in Australia as National Vocations Awareness Week. It’s a time to allow this great Australian sister of ours to inspire our own participation in God’s mission.

Recently, with my little team at the Institute for Mission where I work, we produced a vocations video aiming for it to be applicable to all people and callings. We made it available to all the communities across the Diocese of Parramatta, inviting them to show it during Vocations Week as an encouragement to us all in our lives and purposes. I’m really happy that one of our Emu Plains parishioners features among the five people shown in the video. Leo Bahlmann, a long term member of the parish, speaks in the video of a theme that Pope Francis reflected upon earlier this year. It’s the theme of ‘promise’. Pope Francis referred to Mary, the mother of the Lord, as a bearer of a promise; as one who took a risk on God and gave her life over to something she couldn’t see! As a result, she became a bearer of God’s promise in that, through her, Jesus came into the world.

(Here's Leo who we can feel proud of for his great contribution to this message. The link to load and view the video is just a bit further below)

The Pope continued on to pose the question to each of us regarding how it might be that we, likewise, are bearers of God’s promise. How might each of us answer the question: What is it that I bring into the world via my priorities; via the way I keep exploring and deciding what’s most central to my life purpose; via the risk I take that the more radically I trust God, the more I too might come to know God’s unexpected pathways for me?

Click on the following link to view the 4 minute video. It will take about 10-20 seconds to load once you tap the link - then tap on each arrow that appears and it’ll kick off.

With friendship in God’s mission,


Originally featured in in August 2019