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1. How do I access RM program? Can I register and come to the venue? Can I access it at home?
RM in 2021 is available ONLINE only. There is no option of participating in the program being present in the building.


2. Who would benefit from this program?

Anyone who is interested in strengthening their relationship with God and wants to enthuse their service in the local community and beyond.


3. Can I register if I have not done any formal studies before?

Absolutely. There is no prior study requirements and materials provided are easy to access and follow.


3. How would I access learning materials?

They will be available on our online platform known as "Thinkific", accompanied by email updates sent to you every week. You will have a videos to watch and reflect upon accessible every Tuesday of the week.


4. Would I be obliged to do any “homework”?

No, there is no homework as this course is also not a study. However, we will ask you for some feedback and responses as you will be going through the materials to make sure it is easy to follow.


5. What if I am not a computer savvy person?

You just need a basic skills and Internet access. We can offer you support if any difficulties arise.


6. Would the course provide any opportunities for interaction with others?

Yes, after each section (which will be communicated to you) there will be an optional ZOOM session to share the inputs and to get to know other participants of the program better.


7. What do I have to do to register?

Please contact Donnie (Mon to Fri) on 0432 042 140 to talk about which program suits you best and for more details.


8. Is there any cost involved?

The course is FREE of charge, however we appreciate your commitment.


9. Would I receive the certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, you will receive the certificate for your participation.

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