The ParishFeed is a simple framework that allows parish people to name what they already do well in the parish and then asks the question:


How can we use what we do well to

contribute further to building the parish community?

Parish priests and key parish leaders are invited to an info night hosted by the Institute for Mission. During the evening, starting with a meal shared among other parish leaders, the IFM team will facilitate a discussion of The ParishFeed as a way of thinking that:


  • Increases the consciousness of parish people to say that they’re essential in community building; and... 

  • Finds the doable strategy within the parishes current activity to engage people in doing the community building

Info nights are hosted throughout the year and can be made available on a needs basis.

To talk further about dates or to find out more information, contact Donnie: / 0432 042 140



Use these resources to facilitate discussion around the idea of using what we do well to contribute further to building our parish communities.


Three simple, daily-life suggestions that can help us identify more deeply with our traditions and our creative expression.

Tradition & Creativity



Be surprised by the potential that creating space for others has to bless lives.

Creating Space



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