The ParishFeed is a simple framework that allows parish people to name what they already do well in the parish and then asks the question:


How can we use what we do well to

contribute further to building the parish community?

Participating parishes, with their priests, ask 2 to 10 parishioners to become their ParishFeed reps. The reps are ordinary people of faith. Their qualifications are that they are keen to see their fellow parishioners;

  • building the spirit of the parish

  • building it's parish’s outreach and welcome

  • building ability and helpful ways to take God’s encouragement out into the normal places of wider life


How do we do those things without people thinking we’re religious nuts or putting pressure on them? How can normal Catholics feel natural and empowered to share relatable and meaningful expressions of life in faith today? That’s what The ParishFeed is about. The IFM empowers the parish reps with simple, step by step presentation materials and resources so that they can enjoy, one small step at a time, empowering their fellow parishioners.


After an initial meal and gathering with the reps at the IFM Blacktown, there is the opportunity for the reps – AND anyone else interested  - to be enriched by two engaging sessions. Presented by Fr Paul Roberts and members of the IFM team, this short series of two sessions will share learning, insights and strategies under the topic of ‘Sharing our Faith Today’


ParishFeed - Reps Network Evening

(for designated ParishFeed parish reps)

Tuesday 28 April  

6.45pm for 7pm meal. Concludes 9pm. Meal, information and network gathering


ParishFeed - SHARING OUR FAITH TODAY – a two session series

(for ParishFeed reps - plus all interested people)

Tuesday 5 May

Session 1 of 2: 6.45pm refreshments for 7pm - 9pm session)g


Tuesday 12 May

Session 2 of 2: 6.45pm refreshments for 7pm - 9pm session)



The series will be repeated with ongoing developments:

25 August

1 September

8 September

  • The FaithFeed Studio Audience 31 July 2020
    The FaithFeed Studio Audience 31 July 2020
    Location is TBD
    31 July 2020, 6:30 pm
    Location is TBD


Use these resources to facilitate discussion around the idea of using what we do well to contribute further to building our parish communities.


Tradition & Creativity


Three simple, daily-life suggestions that can help us identify more deeply with our traditions and our creative expression.


Creating Space


Be surprised by the potential that creating space for others has to bless lives.