1.     How do I express my interest in the Themes of Faith Program?

Go to www.tinyurl.com/themesoffaith to fill out the expression of interest form. Donnie from the Institute for Mission team will then be in touch with you. Alternatively, feel free to contact Donnie on 0432042140 or donnie.velasco@ifm.org.au


2.     How do I participate in the Themes of Faith Program?

Participants in the Themes of Faith will have the option of participants via face-to-face or online (zoom) interactions


3.     Who would benefit from this program?

This program is suited for anyone who is keen to explore questions of life and faith from a Catholic perspective; and who is also open to learning from and with others in a group setting, who may have similar or different experiences from our own.


4.     Can I register if I have not done any formal studies in religion, theology or spirituality?

100%. We welcome all adults, from all walks of life, who are interested in their own personal development and encouraging the shared development with others on a similar journey


5.     When do the Themes of Faith Programs run?

The program runs on Monday nights, 6:45pm gathering for a 7pm start (AEST). The ten session program is scheduled in two blocks of three and one block of four, all outside school holiday periods and typical university exam times. The blocks are as follows:


BLOCK 1: 1, 8, 15 March

BLOCK 2: 17, 24, 31 May

BLOCK 3: 12, 19, 26 July, 2 August


6.     Can I miss any sessions?

The program is centred around learning through discussion. As such, the dynamic of journeying with each other, being open to listening to different experiences and committing to all the sessions is key. Of course, we completely understand if there are exceptional occasion where you can’t make a session. That said, we highly encourage that when considering the program, that you can commit to the ten sessions, as we value your contribution to the group dynamics and that it shows care for your fellow participants on the journey with you as well


7.     What does participating in the Themes of Faith program look like?

Each session will have readings based on a key theme form the Catholic tradition, which needs to be read in advance in order to prepare for the upcoming session. Following each reading, there are guided reflection questions to help process the content. During the Monday 7pm sessions, all participants are invited to share some of their reflections within their groups. One person each session will be nominated as the “conversation starter”, who will be the designated first person to share some of their own thoughts, questions and reflections for that week to get the conversation started. This is a key dynamic of the Themes of Faith Program, with growing and learning in life faith occurring through the process of shared conversation and listening for the wisdom among the group members. Groups are facilitated by a mentor.


8.     How would I access the learning materials?

For the face-to-face group, learning materials with be produced in hard copy. Online versions of the materials may also be made available based on preference. For the online (zoom) group, materials will displayed on an online learning platform, which includes options to engage with the material online or to download copies that can be edited from your computer


9.     Is there any cost involved?

Other than your commitment to the ten sessions, the course is 100% free.


10.   Would I receive an acknowledgement for may participation in the program?

Yes. The Institute for Mission, the formation agency of the diocese, will produce an acknowledgement of your participation in the program, which your parish leadership would be familiar with.

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